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‘Pain’ My life…

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You know what our problem is? We don’t want to feel pain. We are afraid of feeling pain. We have half-hearted conversations with pain. Pain is that friend you make small talk with at a party. Pain is the friend you dodge. When it calls you and asks you to meet, you come up with the most creative excuses to avoid it.

We think pain is ugly. We don’t want to witness tears, we don’t want to see a man break down or deal with a woman silently weeping to herself. We believe that pain serves no value. The funny thing is, pain is the only one who knows the real you. Pain knows what you look like when you are choking your guts out on the bathroom floor; It knows you have been drinking to forget. Pain knows the contents of the choked up feelings that have crystallized in your heart.

Would it be so bad if we would just give pain a chance? If we would just meet it at a café over cups of steaming espressos and pour our hearts out? If we would just curl up on the couch, entangle our limbs like close friends do and let the words tumble down? Wouldn’t it be easier to acknowledge the presence of pain, to hear it out rather than investing our energies into ignoring it?


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Best Friend Forever.

Related imageI looked into those solicitous eyes

And heard the words they spoke

The words that craved for my prosperity

Nothing more, nothing less.

I saw that smile that flickered on those lips,

And felt the warmth and love it portrayed

The warmth that lighted the candles in my life

Candles that glowed forever.

I looked at those affectionate hands

And admired their modus operandi

The support that defogged my road to victory

The road that helped me fly.

I was looking at that face that reflected back

As light gleamed on that glistening glass

Of the mirror infront of me,

And finally I realized that I’ve found my

Best friend forever.

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Thank You


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‘BOOKS’ you are my life..!!!

Image result for booksBooks are definitely not just a few bundle of pages bound together with something scribbled on them. Rather, they are a blessing to us. They’ll always be my first love and here are my feelings towards them —

You came into my life when I first entered the school

A new chapter begun, you were my new tool


Soon you became my best friend forever

Because you never left my side, Nah! Never!


Day and night I spent my time with you

If I were a leaf, you were my morning dew


As the journey continued, you grew up along with me

From that picture book, you turned into a novel I could see


You introduced my life to a wonderful golden door

That took me to a place I’ve never been before


When this dynamic world made me believe I’ll lose you

I realized it soon that no one can replace you


Because you were the star that shone brightest in the sky

If we lived together then together we’d die.


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Thank You!!!!!


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Put Down that Knife…

Done with the society,
Ends up his life,
No, giving up is never,
a justice to the right!

Are we so weak?
That we decide to freak?
From the decisions of regret,
Even when we haven’t lived a life yet?

Instead to fight,
Some choose to get out of sight,
In a world full of bright lights,
Why?  Why to focus only on the dim nights?

To end your pain,
You gave it to others,
Nine months of stay, along with the soul that had a long way,
All, just went in vain.

Taking some serious action
May not get you freedom from struggle,
But struggling and achieve your desire,
Will give you a mind full of satisfaction.

Cursing your life ain’t a solution,
It’s just another kind of frustration,
Life is a synonym of boon,
So why do you decide to end it so soon?

Your life is not all about you,
Inside, it kills your family and friends too,
I totally understand the pain you’re going through,
But did you forget? With how much love you grew?

Have faith in the power of time,
Just talk before you pick that knife,
It’s your personal gift not mine,
Don’t you dare to end your life.

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Thank You!!!!!



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यह वक्त गुज़र जाएगा ….

फिर ना जाने कब यह लम्हा आएगा
हँसते हँसते आँखों में आँसू दे जाऐगा

यादों के पन्नों पर छप कर रह जाएगा
क्योंकि जल्द ही यह वक्त गुज़र जाएगा

उस ढलते सूरज के प्रकाश जैसे
उस अग्नि की उठती अलाव जैसे

चारों ओर रोशनी बिखेरकर,
खुद ही अंधकार में खो सा जाएगा

और जल्द ही यह वक्त गुज़र जाएगा
जिंदगी में अचानक एक तूफान बनकर भी आएगा

दिल के हर कोने में तबाही मचा जाएगा
सोच भी ना पाओगे की कब यह शांत होगा

और कब धीरे-धीरे यह वक्त गुजर जाएगा
इस कमजोर दिल पर एक गहरा निशान छोड़ जाएगा

खुद के वजूद का ऐहसास करा जाएगा
जिंदगी के दौड़ में एक कठिन सबक सिखा जाएगा

पर, यह वक्त भी जल्द ही गुज़र जाएगा…

नोट :- अधिकार सुरक्षित 




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Dreamt a fairytale ?

Image result for Dreamt a fairytaleStones almost sounded like rain drops. When she looked down from the window, she recognized her man. They stared at each other as if they have seen each other for the first time. She climbed down with the help of a tree. Okay, Okay, the idea credits goes to him.  Both riding on the horses pretend to race.
Anddd they both fell.
The place was full of red and white roses. A waterfall too was there. Night stars twinkled like something great was going to happen that night. After spending time together with a lots of giggles and happy moments they returned on their horse to the palace. Trying to hide, away from creatures wild (elders). How to reach the room now ? He asks her to climb, but she refuses.
She said, “How can I miss the opportunity to come close to you ? You have to drop me there!” Holding her like tarzan he climbs on the tree. Dropping her safely to her room he asks for the permission to leave. She said “I don’t want to, but I had to. I wish you could stay here with me. Foreva!” He kissed her on her forehead. And then Again, With another dream of her man, she woke up. And got ready for her regular schedule..💕.

Thank YOU!


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The last chance….

When we give a last chance to someone do we really mean last ?                                                                                                                                The truth is, Last chances are never last, we describe them as last just because we want to satisfy that we are done. But, We are never done, we give last chances to those whom we want to stay with, who we trust. Have you ever wondered? What if hazel would have never given a chance to Peter Van Houten and would have spoiled Augustus’s letter ? What if Juliet would have not trusted Romeo and accepted the leadership? The endings would have been worst.
                                                                                   Last chances are not given because people need them, they are given because we need them.


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Thank You