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Dreamt a fairytale ?

Image result for Dreamt a fairytaleStones almost sounded like rain drops. When she looked down from the window, she recognized her man. They stared at each other as if they have seen each other for the first time. She climbed down with the help of a tree. Okay, Okay, the idea credits goes to him.  Both riding on the horses pretend to race.
Anddd they both fell.
The place was full of red and white roses. A waterfall too was there. Night stars twinkled like something great was going to happen that night. After spending time together with a lots of giggles and happy moments they returned on their horse to the palace. Trying to hide, away from creatures wild (elders). How to reach the room now ? He asks her to climb, but she refuses.
She said, “How can I miss the opportunity to come close to you ? You have to drop me there!” Holding her like tarzan he climbs on the tree. Dropping her safely to her room he asks for the permission to leave. She said “I don’t want to, but I had to. I wish you could stay here with me. Foreva!” He kissed her on her forehead. And then Again, With another dream of her man, she woke up. And got ready for her regular schedule..💕.

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Aim – To study Life…

Image result for study lifeAim – To Study Life!
Theory – A story ? A movie ? A game ? Or a fantasy ?
Details and study material –
1) Every character here, has his/her own story.
2) Every actor is playing his/her own role and one is trying to betray other.
3) Every player wants to win irrespective of the situation the other player suffers.
4) Every dreamer dreams what they want, but not what’s right. They dream what will make them happy but they don’t realize the pain and the sufferings of another.
CONCLUSION – LIFE IS REALITY which everyone has to face. Sweet for some, bitter for others. Heaven for some, Hell for others.
Lesson – Live the moment. Think for others. Smile and be the reason behind other’s smile. Spread love..


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Everything perfect ? ❤


Instead of trying to solve your whole life, why don’t you think to add some good things it. Just a few good things, maybe some good memories. Memories that will make you smile even in your wildest situations, and it might solve all your problems. 💕💌

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Life After Death

a-nona-vida-de-louis-drax (1)

One loses his body, his soul, his mind
Losing his senses he leaves the world behind
As death quietly walks into his way
And takes him to a land far way
But what if there’s a life after death
A soul-less body counting his breath

With no soul within wandering here and there
With no life inside and no one to care
Trying to find meaning in things around
In life, in world and everything unless found
Only if there’s a life after death
A soul-less body counting his breath

With no belongings and no sensation
With no fear and no temptation
Just like a human, standing as if alive
Just like us, only a soul he’ll deprive
If it’s true that there’s a life after death
A soul-less body counting his breath

Could he also sleep? Could he also eat?
The other humans alive, how would he treat?
I just keep wondering and thinking the same
And ponder upon this question again and again
That what if there’s a life after death
A soul-less body counting his breath.

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Thunder inside her heart…❤️️

1227_320They met in a party.
He introduced her to his girlfriend.
And she pretended to smile and said “Hey!”
The party flowed and then he held her hand and took her to a corner and asked, I know you’re not happy. You have a thunder hidden inside you! But she said, No, not at all. I’m happy with my man. And I don’t care what you do. He said, You can’t lie to me, your eyes are shouting the truth. This is the last time I’m asking you!
And she went.
Again that night, he went to her and snatched her hand.
His love for her reflected in his eyes.
Tears rolled down from her mesmerizing eyes.
He said, so tell me now, how are you feeling while watching me with someone else ?         He came close to her. Closer.
And the more closer.
And again asked the same.
Her heart pretended to be a stone.
And She whispered, Good, Good for you!!!

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Life goes on. ❤


You never know what’s around the corner! It maybe everything. Or it may be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then the day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain! 💕
No one knows where they’ll be just after 10 years the same day, same month, same time! But different YOU! Different PEOPLE! Different PLACE! And guess what ? You’ll be the most beautiful girl you had ever seen! You’ll be allowed to hangout with your people! You’ll be with your beloved ones.                                                                                                                            Not the ones as you have right now, but the with the real people whom you’ll meet after 10 years and they’ll stay with you forever! ❤️

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Growing Up






We entered this world crying in our mother’s arms unaware about what the future has planned for us. People say that time flies like anything when you’re having fun. Yes, it did. So here are my words I wrote around few months ago about it —

Twenty one years back I was an innocent little boy

Unaware of the world, but curious to learn

Laughing and crying in my mother’s lap

Marching forward in life and tracing its map


Sixteen years back, I was a naughty young boy

Observing the world new things I would learn

At that point of time, I knew nothing but fun

Running, jumping and playing in the sun


Twelve years back, my life moved on


Two years back had passed since I was born

Time had come to go to school

To get my books and all my new tools



Six years back, school became more serious

The thirst for knowledge made me more curious

Tests and home-works were now a part of me

My coming future I was eager to see


And now I am a twenty one-year-old student

Ready to take challenges, standing proud and confident

Understanding this world with more clarity now

Trying to figure out things and asking what, why and how


Years have passed but there are more good things to come

All the hurdles and obstacles I’m ready to overcome

I hope I’ll be a successful man ahead

Touching the sky of victory and flying like a jet.


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