Strength is -….

Strength is,
Smiling at someone who completely broke you.
Though, you had an option to sue.
Trusting people again and again,
Though, you had betrayals full of pain.
It is Believing in relations of aches,
Though, all you had were heart breaks.
It is in forgiving people again,
Even if their apologies went in vain.
It is in proving those rumours wrong,
And preventing them, to affect you for long.
It is in trying the very last time,
Though, your situations are not fine.
It is to listen for other’s deed,
And accepting every plead.
It is in conquering your own demon,
While declining to be a moron.
At last, it is in the decision of declining to raise a conflict, And Instead following the commands of your class : TURN AROUND, HEAD UP, TIE YOUR HAIR AND MOVE! 

Right Reserved not Allow cut & paste!!

Thank You!!!!!



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