Put Down that Knife…

Done with the society,
Ends up his life,
No, giving up is never,
a justice to the right!

Are we so weak?
That we decide to freak?
From the decisions of regret,
Even when we haven’t lived a life yet?

Instead to fight,
Some choose to get out of sight,
In a world full of bright lights,
Why?  Why to focus only on the dim nights?

To end your pain,
You gave it to others,
Nine months of stay, along with the soul that had a long way,
All, just went in vain.

Taking some serious action
May not get you freedom from struggle,
But struggling and achieve your desire,
Will give you a mind full of satisfaction.

Cursing your life ain’t a solution,
It’s just another kind of frustration,
Life is a synonym of boon,
So why do you decide to end it so soon?

Your life is not all about you,
Inside, it kills your family and friends too,
I totally understand the pain you’re going through,
But did you forget? With how much love you grew?

Have faith in the power of time,
Just talk before you pick that knife,
It’s your personal gift not mine,
Don’t you dare to end your life.

Right Reserved not Allow cut & paste!!

Thank You!!!!!




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