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For the Ed-Bpard People

And what will u say about one person’s pic getting printed more than one time on the same page or different pages and I know few people who sent ther pics on time bt their pics r also missing and printing ” electrical engineering” as “electical engineering” , “instrumentation ” as ” instrumental” (atleast u cld hv bothered printing ur branch name correctly ) and IT as I & T??…..are these the layman kinda mistakes we expect from the selected ones fr the ed – board..AND including the recent years students council pic instead of previous year’s . Will u say they didn’t show up so u preferred printing the pic of other set of people ?? And nt including one whole branch in the individua lrecords  ?? Its a blunder …..And instead of excepting ur faults politely u r trying to ridicule ur seniors . This is the kind of attitude u people inculcate after such a golden chance of working fr Ed-board . Atleast u cld hv learnt frm ur previous editor who being the leader of the group ws polite and bold enough to except the mistakes which he ws held responsible fr .ur work is a serious piece of disappointment no doubt bt ur attitude is pathetic.

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