She sinks her head in his chest And waits for him to understand He does but yet he has to leave.No, it is not a mediaeval romance Where the knight leaves his lady To brave the battles abroad.He leaves her everyday,To brave the battles of metrocity.Economy is important than loveAnd recession dreadful than separation.Promises are no longer trueWords grow hollow by day.This is the life they waited forThe wait is over and yet not over.It gives them no promiseOf a future of marital bliss-Who has time, neither she nor him.They can not leave this all,This is what keeps them together And yet this is what keeps them apart.Wilderness calls them but they can’t goA duty keeps them here-A duty to live in a society Like a society and be a societyAnd who returns to primitiveness From the life of an advanced world?They silently tell each other,For still they can communicate Not with words but their eyes,Things would soon improveAnd the ever illusive time Would be their companion.The modern Orpheus and Eurydice Do not know that second chancesAre seldom the share of lovers.Eurydice is not a subject of Hades yetBut separation is no lessThan the gulfs of underworld And Orpheus doesn’t repeat the mistakeOf looking back at his Eurydice Before he has travelled the lengthOf the long and dark Cavern.Oh, how Eurydice wishes himTo turn back once and stop her retreat.She pulls her head back He takes a sigh and leaves.He knows she understands.She knows he understands.

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